Veranstaltung Fr 24. Juni 2022, 19 Uhr

Das Parallelfest

Banquet von Fabien Vallos

The Banquet XLIII Das Parallelfest (Petits Soins) is offered on Friday, the 24th of June, 2022 during the public opening of the exhibition that other world, the world of the teapot. tenderness, a model // The title of the Banquets is a tribute to the writer Robert Musil and to La Carte de Tendre, published in the 17th Century. Two Banquets are served « à la française en ambigu » by the French artist Fabien Vallos with the help of Joshua Schwebel //

The menu is served as a Dutch still life, includes asparagus, smokes fish (eels, matjes, bottarga, anchoïade d’Austin de Croze), raw vegetables, olives, breads, cakes, fresh seasonal fruits, selected cheeses, confectionery, biscuits and flowers // The two editions of the Banquets are printed by hand on silk paper with the purple ink, incorporating the epitaph by Hans Jacob Uhle from the Nikolaikapelle, Hannover

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