Event Mon May 1, 2023, 6.30 pm

Die Lebenden

An opera by Petros Leivadas

An opera by Petros Leivadas
Libretto: Petros Leivadas and Sascha Hahn
Production: Sascha Hahn

With: Atalyá Tirosh, Luca Koch, Olaf Tzschoppe

You can buy tickets at the following link .
Tickets: 18 € (reduced 10 €)

The event is part of the Klangbrücken Festival 2023.

Apollonia: Your opera "Die Lebenden" lacks an orchestra, a large stage
a large stage, a broad ensemble of characters,...

Petros:...but there is sound, word, image, light, architecture, time,
beginning, end...

Sascha:...and a libretto.

Petros: We aspire rather to be a wandering troupe,
perhaps better a chamber polytope in the footsteps of

Sascha: Then why do we call it an opera? Is it the themes -
love and death?

Petros:...the characters wander in the same places where Orpheus
and Don Giovanni were.
The libretto, however, wanders its own paths.

Apollonia: Is it not then rather a musical theatre.

Petros: No, ... it can't be. It's an opera.
It has the devil on its back.

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