The board of directors and the board of trustees of the Kestner Gesellschaft assembles various representatives of the economy, politics and society. With their commitment to the arts, they continue the long and outstanding tradition of our founding members. With their political and social influence, both boards are indispensable for our work and important guarantors for the continued existence of our house.

Members of the board

Dr. Hinrich Holm (1st Chairman)
Dr. Yorck Schmidt (2nd Chairman)
Dr. Michael Kunst (Treasurer)
Thomas Düffert
Heidelinde Gerhold
Dr. Immanuel Hermreck
Torsten Leue
Ulrich Schneider
Ines Gräfin von der Schulenburg
Frank Thiele

Advisory board

Torsten Leue (Chairman)
Dr. Carl Haenlein (honorary member)
Volker Alt
Thomas S. Bürkle
Thomas Düffert
Norbert H. Essing
Herbert Flecken
Heidelinde Gerhold
Dietmar Götze
Dr. Friedhelm Haak
Herbert K. Haas
Dr. Christiane Hackerodt
Holger Hammer
Karin Hardekopf
Sepp D. Heckmann
Jean-Jacques Henchoz
Dr. Immanuel Hermreck
Götz Hertz-Eichenrode
Michael Hocks
Dr. Hinrich Holm
Dr. Heinrich Jagau
Dr. Oliver Kiaman
Klaus Laminet
Sven-Olaf Leitz
Dr. Peter Lütke-Bornefeld
Dr. Volker Müller
Martin Philippi
Uwe Reuter
Alexander Schmidt
Dr. Yorck Schmidt
Dr. Andreas Schneider-Neureither
Stefan Schostok
Elke Strathmann
Frank Thiele
Dr. Peter Thormann
Dr. Oliver Thum
Dr. Knut Tonne
Stephan Weil
Dr. Susanna Zapreva


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