Marysia Lewandowska

July 8, 2023 - July 7, 2024

Marysia Lewandowska, Welcome, 2023
Marysia Lewandowska, Welcome, 2023, installation view, Courtesy the Artist

Welcome, a new project by Marysia Lewandowska re-imagines the 1923 Kestner Gesellschaft exhibition history through a bold performative move, giving voice to an overlooked female contributor.

In her opening speech, created by the artist for Sophie Küppers, art historian, collector and future wife of El Lissitzky, we are confronted with a reflective narrative, which challenges our ability to acknowledge and to remember.

The installation was initially presented in 2023 as part of the exhibition The New Man, the Announcer, the Constructor. El Lissitzky: The Self-Portrait as Kestner Gesellschaft .

Welcome is now located on the ground floor of the Kestner Gesellschaft as a site-specific intervention and permanent loan from the artist.

Welcome, Marysia Lewandowska, 2023
Performance 14’08'; audio loop 15’22”; film loop 3’00”; jalousie 336 cm x 298 cm; printed matter.
Commissioned by the Kestner Gesellschaft

Learn more about the exhibition in the Handout.

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